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About Austin Dental Bonding

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Dental bonding has been called different names including tooth bonding and cosmetic composite. This is one of the easiest, simplest and most cost effective methods available for repairing different structural and cosmetic imperfections to the teeth.

If a teenager is not happy with how their smile appears, this is a great way to deal with that. It is only invasive to a small extent which means preparation of the teeth is hardly ever needed. Even though the procedure is cost effective, Austin dental bonding is a long lasting solution.

Teeth that have been misaligned, chirred, discolored or cracked can all be treated with dental bonding as this method is a substitute to veneers.

How It Works

Austin dental bonding can be compared with crowns or veneers but it is a faster and less expensive option. It is a method of restoration where a resin colored like a tooth is attached to the tooth with the use of a UV light. If is a good alternative to make little alterations to your teeth.

As preparation for the procedure, the tooth is slightly etched and a bonding material is applied. That bonding material has to set after which a resin made from different compounds is placed and carved into into the required shape. After that, the material is hardened using the curing ultraviolet light. The resin is further, shaped, smoothed and polished to achieve a more natural look.

For crowns and veneers there is usually need for custom dental work and more than one trip to the dentist and this is not the case with Austin dental bonding. Veneers and crowns also require more removal of the enamel of the teeth than dental bonding does.

Bonding is, however, not as resistant to stains as other forms of dental restoration are. It will also crack and break more easily than other options so is not as resilient as they are. This is the reason this method is not used in major dental restorations. Austin dental bonding is usually used in touch ups and little areas and problems.

What to Expect

The process of Austin dental bonding usually take anything form 3ominuts to an hour for each tooth that has to be worked on. The best color and resin that can naturally blend with the teeth has to be carefully selected.

The tooth also has to be prepared with a conditioner so the bonding material adheres well. The application of the resin and adding of finishing touches and polishing takes the rest of the time.


The appearance of teeth can be greatly improved with this restoration method of Austin dental bonding. The entire process can be started and finished during one visit to the dentist. One thing to keep in mind is that the resin is not as strong and resilient as your natural teeth.

This means it is more subject to breaking, chirping or staining than the rest of your teeth. Austin dental bonding has its advantages and shortcomings, but it could be the perfect solution for your particular dental problem.

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