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An Overview of Dental Veneers for Front Teeth

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

Dental veneers may be referred to as customized, thin shells that are placed on the front side of teeth in order to bring about improvements in their overall appearance. Sometimes they are also termed as porcelain laminates.

Dental veneers are especially made for correcting worn tooth enamel, cracked or chipped tooth, improper tooth alignment, discoloration and other similar dental issues.

The Procedure of Veneers for Front Teeth

Everything You Need to Know About Veneers for Front TeethMaking use of dental veneers for front teeth may turn out to be really helpful for a person suffering from any tooth alignment issues. The procedure may offer a number of advantages such as aligning the teeth to look straight, giving them symmetry and uniformity, lengthening worn out teeth, closing teeth gaps, etc.

It may be referred to as a procedure of cosmetic dentistry but it is also known for being a restorative and preventative solution as it offers protection to the top layer of damaged teeth while helping you avoid any follow up dental issues.

There is a variety of dental related issues that may be taken care of by using veneers for front teeth. As a human being ages, their teeth start getting naturally worn out and develop a tendency to appear uneven, crack or chip. The gap in the teeth of some people also starts widening with the passage of time.

People who drink lots of caffeinated drinks like cola, tea or coffee also have a tendency to experience worn out tooth enamel. Heavy smokers of tobacco or cigarettes along with those who consume different types of medications or iron supplements are also prone to go through discolored and dull teeth.

People who suffer from uneven teeth as a result of unconscious or habitual grinding aren’t the best candidates to go through the procedure of deploying veneers for front teeth. This is due to the fact that the composite resin or porcelain put in place on the front teeth of these people would be prone to chipping or cracking very easily.

This is a cosmetic procedure so it may not be a recommended one for people suffering from serious dental related issues like active gum diseases, insufficient surface enamel amount, dental fillings, fractures, decayed teeth, etc.

Why Dentists Use Porcelain Veneers

An Overview of Dental Veneers for Front TeethThe most commonly used kind of veneer for front teeth is usually porcelain. It is known to be the perfect material to carry out a good job since it is durable and stronger in comparison to composite resins and other similar materials.

Porcelain also is a stain resistant material with the ability to mimic the natural abilities of teeth to reflect light much better than that exhibited by other materials like composite resin. However, it also needs to be taken under consideration that the composite resin is known to create a thinner veneer. So it requires only a small removal of the teeth surface before getting placed.

Overall, it may be said that porcelain is a much better choice in comparison to composite resin since it is more durable, reliable and capable of delivering long term results.

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