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Brighten up Your Smile with Veneers for Teeth

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Uncategorized

Porcelain veneers for teeth are thin shells of porcelain that are constructed to perfectly fit the front exterior of your teeth. They are durable and natural-looking, matching the natural color of the enamel of the surrounding teeth and their sizes as well.

The Consultation

First off, you have to know why you want veneers for your teeth.

Do you have a slight chip on the enamel of your front teeth that is bothersome for you? Do you want some unusual gaps in between your teeth to be filled in? Or perhaps you want to reshape your front teeth, because you find them too large or too small for your mouth, resulting in a disproportionate smile?

All of these considerations should be determined and then relayed to your dentist during a consultation. You have to be completely honest and clear about your reasons and intentions for getting veneers for teeth. An open and spontaneous conversation with your dentist will help. Based on what you want and need, your dentist will be able to advise and suggest accordingly.

You also have to agree to a series of tests before undergoing the procedure of placing veneers. Your dentist has to know if you already have a bridge, an implant, or maybe a crown, all of which would disqualify you from getting veneers.

Even if you do not have any of these, an extensive dental examination is able to determine if you have gum problems that you are unaware of.

This has to be seriously taken into account for the application of veneers may cause your gums, should they have any problems, to react to the treatment, and in turn, could lead to more dental issues.

Once cleared of any underlying dental or other oral problems, deciding on the application of porcelain veneers is just the commencement of a rather long journey to get the look that you want for your teeth.

The Benefits

Porcelain veneers are the most widely selected type of veneer amongst the other options. This is because they have an appealing natural look.

Getting porcelain veneers may be the good solution to minimize cracks or chips on the enamel of your teeth, some unwanted gaps in between them, slight wearing out on their edges, or small bite issue.

Then again, porcelain veneers may also be applied for the sheer desire to modify your tooth size. Also, if you are very conscious about stains on your front teeth, you may opt for getting veneers applied, in lieu of professional teeth whitening treatment for reasons that are just as well personal and individual to you. It may also be medical; say, your gums react negatively to whitening solutions but not to veneers.

The Procedure

Application of dental veneers for teeth requires several visits to your dentist.

The first step is the removal of a thin amount of the surface of your teeth, through grinding, buffing, or scraping to make space for your veneers. An impression is obtained by your dentist that then will be the basis of the permanent veneers, to ensure that they are perfect-fitting.


These porcelain veneers are meticulously made at the laboratory and may take a while. Hence, you will have to wear temporary veneers, until the permanent laboratory-crafted ones are ready for application which will be during a follow-up visit.

The porcelain veneers are bonded to your teeth with a dental adhesive.

A week thereafter, you will be asked to return to your dentist’s office in order to evaluate if your veneers are working just fine and to ascertain that there are not any adverse reactions, especially to your gums.


Your porcelain veneers are generally durable and are meant to last for years and years, especially with proper holistic mouth care. Brush them using a soft-bristled toothbrush, as you would your natural teeth, with gentle pressure.

Non-abrasive toothpaste is also advised for use. Also be sure to floss as you would your natural teeth, that is without forcefully pulling out the flossing thread when trying to take out some food debris in between your teeth.

Keep your remaining natural teeth healthy, strong, and free of bad bacteria by gargling mouthwash.

Also, be sure to get professional dental cleaning treatment at least every six months, for a more intensive cleansing of your mouth.

Consult with South Austin Dental Studio for a more exhaustive discussion on getting porcelain veneers. Our team of professionals will be more than willing to assist you.

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