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Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry: How Are They Similar and How Do They Differ?

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

For one, cosmetic dentistry is a specialty that is more widely heard and known compared with aesthetic dentistry despite the terms being casually interchanged in use by some.

In essence, the two terminologies are overlapping in the sense that they, in point of fact, support each other’s causes and aims, and hence they share similar features just as much as they have characteristics that are distinctive, one from the other.

Aesthetic Dentistry: Where Beauty Meets Science

Aesthetic dentistry is deemed to be the more encompassing between the two terms.

The reason for this is because aesthetic dentistry is more inclusive, in that it aims to not only conceal the visual unattractive defects of the teeth, but at the same time also ensure that underneath the cover-up of teeth imperfections are healthy and functional teeth on the interior, for the purpose of involving the bigger context that is one’s general oral health.

Basically, in aesthetic dentistry, the root cause of the dental problems, or any other form of dental issues, is what is sought first and foremost in order to eliminate it, and that is when the appropriate solution is applied, and then follows the correction or fixing of flaws in appearance.

Therefore, the principle in aesthetic dentistry is to do a repair of the dental problem starting from within.

Aesthetic dentistry also intersects with advanced restorative dentistry. As per the name of the latter, the objective of the two when working together is to “restore” or cure the internal origin of the dental problems, which then manifest in the physical aspect, such as unusual discoloration or cracks on the teeth that may be brought about by decay on the inside that is in gradual progress of completely damaging the teeth.

Instead of instantly resorting to masking the discoloration with a whitening solution, finding the source of the discoloration comes first. It then saves the teeth from further decay, healing them and rebuilding their durability, while bringing back their pleasant appearance.

Aesthetic dentistry works in support of, and to sustain, dental treatments that are entirely cosmetic in nature.


Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is more concerned on “perfecting” a dental patient’s smile.

It is more about fixing the image of the teeth and reducing them of their flaws, if not entirely eliminating the deemed imperfections on the visual aspect, with the intentions of making the patient feel better about himself and in turn, boosting his self-confidence owing to the perfect smile obtained through a cosmetic dental procedure.

Ultimately though, both cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry are very important to the field of dentistry. The two may differ in several ways, but they meet at several points along the way in the practice of dentistry.

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