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Dental Crowns Facts and Information: Does Getting a Crown Hurt?

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Are you considering getting dental crowns or dental caps? Are you already wondering about the procedure? Are you asking yourself, “Does getting a crown hurt?”

Generally, getting dental crowns is not painful owing to the local anesthetic which will be applied on your gums by your South Austin dentist.

However, cases and situation of getting dental crowns or dental caps may vary from one patient to another.

Before we can answer your question, “Does getting a crown hurt?” let us first examine the reason why you will be getting dental crowns or dental caps. We must first understand what they are and how the placement of dental crowns or dental caps is performed by your South Austin dentist.

When and Why Should You Need Dental Crowns or Dental Caps?

Getting dental crowns or dental caps is mostly for protection of a weak tooth. The tooth may be severely cracked or chipped and is having a difficult time holding together the necessary components. They can also be affixed over a root canal-treated tooth, which will tend to be more brittle that it used to.

You may also need to get crowns placed over extremely discolored or misshapen tooth for restorative purposes. As well, crowns provide a good support for a broken tooth which has a large filling in it.

Finally, crowns or caps also serve as covers over dental implants.

How the Placement of Dental Crowns or Dental Caps Is Performed

The procedure of placement of dental crowns or dental caps will usually take you two separate visits to your South Austin dentist.

During the first visit, your dentist will examine the tooth over which the crown will be placed as well as the neighboring teeth. The negatively affected tooth will then be scraped off of a considerable amount of its surface or enamel to give room to hold the crown. The process of scraping will involve buffing, grinding or filing down the tooth.

On the other hand, in some cases, it may be the other way around in that the dentist will have to fill in the tooth instead of filing it down in order to make it large enough to hold the crown in place. This may happen if your natural permanent tooth is too severely damaged that only a very tiny part of it is left.

You dental specialist in South Austin will then take an impression of your entire set of teeth utilizing a mold that is clay-like in structure. The mold will be dried over both the upper and lower sets of your teeth.

This mold will be sent to the dental laboratory technician who will use it as a basis for meticulously creating your dental crown.

This process can take up to one week. Within this duration of waiting for the permanent crown to be laboratory manufactured, your dentist will affix a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

During your follow up appointment, you will then get your permanent dental crown or cap. It will be bonded to your affected tooth with a special dental resin cement.

The crown should perfectly blend in with the rest of your set of natural teeth given its enamel shade of color and material which give it a rather natural appearance.

Does Getting a Crown Hurt?

So does getting a crown hurt? Will it hurt only a little or will the pain be too much?

Prior to the first step of the procedure which is the filing of the tooth, your South Austin dentist will apply or inject a local anesthetic to the area where the procedure will be located and performed. This will definitely hinder any forms of pain or discomfort for you during the process.

However, particularly during the scraping of the tooth, there will be sensations which you may feel but they do not necessarily feel painful or actually hurt. These may be only tooth-edge sensations which are completely normal to feel during the procedure.

It is also important to note that the level of pain or sensitivity along the process will also greatly depend on your tolerance.

Consult only with the best dentist in South Austin at South Austin Dental Studio. They will help you to be better enlightened about the process of getting a crown and they can better answer your queries about crowns too.

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