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Does Getting A Crown Hurt?

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Getting dental work done is never a truly fun experience. While amazing staff, comfortable chairs, and competent professionals can make it a better experience and easier to deal with, even when you’re at the best dentist in South Austin getting work such as fillings and crowns can be a pretty scary thing to think about.

Luckily, most of the time when you get a crown placed, it does not hurt. However, a lot of the times, before they place a crown, they will perform a root canal. The root canal itself can hurt, and if you are getting a crown on top of a root canal, the root canal can still experience sensitivity to the tooth even after the crown is placed.

How Dentists Assess If You Need Root Canal

Remember, dentists have years of experience and if a root canal is necessary, you’ll need to trust your South Austin dental professional. As for the crown process, it’s more of an uncomfortable procedure as opposed to a painful one.

Crowns are an important part of dental work because, in many cases, a tooth is too badly damaged or decayed for a filling to suffice. This is where a dental crown, or a cap, can come in and save the day. If there is too little of the tooth remaining, the dentist will have to build upon the tooth until the cap or crown fits properly.

This is standard procedure and should not hurt. Regardless of tooth size, the placing of a crown should take about two visits. During the first visit, the dentist will file down the tooth, build it up, and prepare and measure it for the crown.

At this time, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth. During your second visit, the dentist will have a custom crown ready for you and place that on. It will be a much better fit than the temporary crown and will be more comfortable and easy to chew with.

Possible Side Effects of Root Canal

However, there are some complications that could happen when you get a crown, such as it being ill fitting or something getting stuck underneath. If you are experiencing any sort of pain when you bite down, please contact your dentist and schedule an appointment so they can check up on you and make sure you’re ok.

Our number one concern is making sure you are comfortable and well.

The primary thing that can go wrong with a crown procedure is if it is placed too high. If you are experiencing pain and sensitivity upon biting down, there is a chance the crown was not placed correctly and you will need to get it adjusted. This adjustment can be made easily, and should only take one short visit.

So when you are thinking about your oral hygiene and your dentist brings up the possibility of you needing a crown, do not fear. It is a very common procedure and in the long term, it will help you feel less pain and sensitivity than you did without a crown. We at South Austin Dental Studios are committed to bringing you the best dental care in South Austin.

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