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Get the Cosmetic Dental Surgery in South Austin That Suits You Best

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

So, you have issues with the condition of some of your teeth that are so bothersome that they hinder you from showing off that supposedly friendly smile?

Do you want to transform your smile into a broad, bright and confident beam?

Presented here are some dental conditions and issues which you may have, alongside the suggested appropriate cosmetic dental surgery for each of them.

Stained and Uneven Yellowish Teeth

For streaks of stubborn stains on your teeth, or any other forms of discoloration, you may opt for a professional, in-office teeth whitening treatment. With teeth bleaching you get to choose what degree of whiteness and brightness you wish your set of teeth to achieve. It can be a minimum of three shades whiter than your teeth previously were, or up to eight times their original color.

You also have the choice to only have the aesthetic teeth whitening, instead of all of them. Aesthetic teeth pertain to the teeth that show when you smile, or open your mouth to speak.

The in-office teeth whitening procedure only lasts for up to over one hour. Despite this fact, not everyone is qualified to undergo the treatment. Dental examinations have to be performed in order to first assess the root cause of your teeth discoloration.

In the event that the discoloration is caused by an internal dental problem such as tooth decay, teeth bleaching is not the right way to go about concealing the staining. You have to get the decay cured first, or, should your case of tooth decay be severe, root-canal is one option to fix the dental problem. And thereafter you can get dental crowns or caps applied on your root-canal treated tooth.



Get away from the inconvenience caused by even the slightest cracks and dents on your teeth or on their edges, and get back the confidence to smile more widely and cheerfully, by getting porcelain dental veneers applied on the affected teeth.

Porcelain veneers are composed of very thin shells of porcelain meticulously sculpted in the dental laboratory. They are carefully applied to each of the teeth, one at a time.

The procedure starts off with your dentist removing a part of the enamel of your tooth through scraping, buffing or grinding. This then gives space to its new concealment, which is your porcelain veneer. After taking enough enamel off your tooth, an impression is then taken by your dentist to be sent to the dental lab as a model for crafting the perfect-fitting permanent veneers which may take a week to complete. During this waiting time, you will have to sport temporary veneers.

On your next visit to your dentist’s clinic, your porcelain veneers will then be adhered to the remainder of your buffed tooth, with a dental adhesive solution.

And there go the unwelcome cracks and chips on your tooth.

In addition to these, veneers are also a perfect cosmetic dental procedure for uneven and unusually wide gaps between teeth. They may also be applied for purposes of reshaping and resizing your teeth, to further better the proportion of your smile, should you feel like your front teeth are either too large or too small.

The perk that comes with porcelain veneers is that they are natural-looking and so they easily blend with the color of the enamel of the rest of your natural permanent teeth, so they can hardly be told apart.

Missing Tooth

Losing a permanent tooth is indeed a dilemma. Not only does it look unpleasant but it may also affect your speech or your chewing of food.

If this is your case, then you may opt for the placement of dental implants. This cosmetic dental surgery is very exhaustive and can go on for weeks and hence will require several visits to the dentist’s clinic.

You will also need to complete a series of dental examinations to ascertain that your gums and bones are healthy enough to endure the implants. Otherwise, you may be advised against going through with the surgery.

So, which of the above is your specific case? Is it not on the list? Talk to us at South Austin Dental Studio for you to acquire more comprehensive knowledge on cosmetic dental surgery, and then we can accurately diagnose your condition in order for us to find and perform the correct treatment on you.

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