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Provide Yourself with Tooth Crown Pain Relief with These Solutions

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

You can counter tooth crown pain with pain relief solutions with the professional help of the best dentist in South Austin TX.

If you are experiencing any type of discomfort or pain around your crown, whether it is recently placed or an old one, you will need to get the issues ironed out before you can proceed with any forms of treatment for tooth crown pain relief.

Let us start with discussing the possible causes of the tooth crown pain which you are experiencing prior to discussing the possibility of relief.

What Are the Possible Causes of Tooth Crown Pain?

Dental crowns or dental caps may hurt for a couple of reasons.


For one, the crown may not be fitting if there has been no previous root canal treatment performed on the tooth that is capped over with a crown. The root canal treatment would help to remove the tooth pulp. Due to the absence of root canal treatment before the placement of the tooth crown, the crown could be pressing down on the nerves and root of the tooth and therefore cause it to ache.


If you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, which you may be doing in your sleep, the action puts pressure on the tooth crown resulting in uncomfortable pain. This is particularly a possible cause of not having the proper bite or aligned set of teeth
Leaks from the Tooth Crown

Finally, tooth crown pain may be due to leaks with the material of the dental crown. This may be the case if you are sporting a crown that is made of silver, which is prone to leaks which lead to bacteria and germs infecting the nerves and the root of the tooth.

How Do You Achieve Tooth Crown Pain Relief?

The best dentist in South Austin TX can help you effectively resolve the tooth crown pain which you are experiencing.


Your dentist in South Austin TX will examine your teeth, gums and mouth and especially your dental crown. You will be asked to bite down through an articulating paper to identify the possible bite issues. If bite issues are found, particularly if there are high tooth spots causing the erratic bite, then these high spots will have to be filed down by your dental expert to correct the bite issues and thus allow for better tooth alignment.

With regard to your habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, your dentist in South Austin TX may suggest for you to wear a custom-sized mouth guard, which you can wear at night while you sleep, to further protect your crowns from pressure.

This could result in tooth crown pain relief.


In the event that your dental expert finds an infection in the tooth underneath the dental crown, it will be necessary to remove the crown so your dentist in South Austin TX can perform necessary procedures on the affected tooth. One of these procedures may be a root canal treatment.

It may be a complex process where your old crown can no longer be used after its removal. It will be more costly in this case, although you will now be guaranteed tooth crown pain relief.

Are you experiencing any pain around your dental crown? Don’t waste any more time and get tooth crown pain relief from the experts at South Austin Dental Studio.

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