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Teeth Bonding

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

As the name of the procedure suggests, tooth bonding is a treatment that includes the putting of a resin material to you teeth to make sure that the flaws in your teeth are properly concealed. Such flaws may include but not limited to cracks, chips, discoloration, and many more.

It may even be used if you feel that the shape or size of your teeth is not consistent. Your dentist, to make sure that it blends well with the colors of your teeth, will color the bonding material that will be used on your teeth. With the help of teeth bonding, you will restore that confidence and you will be able to show off that lovely smile of yours.

But of course, there are always two sides of the coins. Teeth bonding can also have its pros and cons.



Teeth can be the greatest assets a person has. That is why many people are investing to have that perfect smile and perfect teeth. Fortunately, many dental services offer teeth bonding at lower costs. And even though they may seem cheaper, the result is highly likely similar to those expensive ones. Furthermore, teeth bonding also costs less compared to dental crowns or veneers.


If you feel like you are time constrained and always at a rush, teeth bonding can be convenient for you since the procedure is usually fast and efficient. You only need to go for one visit and all your teeth will be tended to in a span of thirty to sixty minutes each tooth.


Teeth bonding’s procedure is less complicated to compare to dental crowns and veneers. The dentists don’t usually see the need to put on anesthesia unless there is a possibility of pain when tending to a decayed tooth. Other than that, it should be pain free. Furthermore, teeth bonding only gets rid of little portions of the dental enamel to make sure that the resin sticks better.



One of the disadvantages of teeth bonding is that it uses a material known as composite resins, which is made of plastic. Though resin may be strong, it is still nothing compared to the natural tooth enamel.

It is also not as strong as to the porcelain that are applied in procedures such as dental crown or dental veneers. This means that you have to take precautionary measures in eating since there is a possibility that the bond my break or chip due to careless biting to teeth.


Since the bond easily breaks because of the materials that are commonly used in teeth bonding, it is not a surprise that such procedure may not last longer as we intend it to be. Therefore, the period of the bond depends heavily on how you take care of your teeth and how you chew your food.


Unlike the natural enamel, composite resins have the tendency to quickly absorb a deep colored food. Thus, your teeth become prone to stains. This means that you have to lessen your intake of food that leaves longer stains such as coffee and wine. You should probably quit smoking too if you don’t want your teeth to darken.

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