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Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening over At-Home Teeth Bleaching Treatment

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

Staining on teeth is a very normal occurrence, the natural wear and tear of their everyday functioning for our sustenance. Food and beverages cause stains that accumulate over time making you lose those pearly whites in the process in the long run.

Wanting to Have Spotless Set of Teeth

You may be one of those who is conscious about having a spotless set of teeth and may now be considering getting treatment to bring it back to its relatively whiter hue before the stain buildup over the years as you age, or perhaps make them even whiter than they originally were.

Professional teeth whitening may have crossed your mind but you may be taking into account the amount it will cost you. There are the very affordable, and very handy, drugstore teeth whitening kits which you may opt to try for yourself instead.

However, you have to understand that results of home remedies for whitening teeth cannot compare with what professional in-office teeth whitening systems can do for you. In addition, these take-home bleaching kits carry along with them some risks to your dental health.


Here are some of the more underlying reasons for you to choose professional teeth whitening treatment over whitening teeth at home on your own.

In-office teeth bleaching guarantees safety.

Teeth whitening may be one of the least complex and quickest to complete cosmetic dental procedures, but it does not necessarily follow that you can just dive right into deciding that you want to get the procedure.

With a dental professional handling your case, you are ensured with safety because, before all else, your dentist has to perform a series of dental examinations in order to ascertain that you make for a good candidate to undergo teeth whitening.

He will make certain that your gums and mouth will not react negatively to the teeth whitening gel to be used. He too will know of the possibility of heightening your teeth’s sensitivity level, especially during the procedure and during the next few weeks following the bleaching treatment. But, because you entrusted the process of getting whiter teeth into professional hands, this sudden hypersensitivity can be very well remedied by your dentist.

Compare with at-home whitening systems, when you never know what negative reaction your gums and mouth may have to the whitening solutions you just bought, and without even that assurance that they will work to truly whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures performed by your dentist result in very even results of lightening your teeth color.

Before the procedure, images of your teeth are captured which serve as a reference for the comparison of the development of the process during the actual treatment. You are also first asked the exact level of brightness you want for your teeth to achieve. The degree of whiteness may be a minimum of three times the natural color of your teeth, and may reach up to eight times whiter than they originally were.

With professional teeth bleaching, in only over an hour, you get to accurately achieve your desired tooth color as was intended at the commencement of the treatment. Furthermore, your dentist may apply finishing touch-ups to make sure every little area on the surface of your teeth is even and in tone with the rest, without any traces of color irregularities.

Consult with Dental Professionals Only

It is always best to consult with a dental professional before you decide on doing anything with your teeth on your own, especially with bleaching, which is very accessible to you. Cheap teeth whitening treatment does not necessarily mean affordable, not if you need extended medical attention when your supposedly affordable treatment causes more damage than good to your teeth and gums.

While through in-office procedure, with its use of meticulously concocted whitening agents applied by your dentist’s expert hands, you are guaranteed great results and safety.

Check with us at South Austin Dental Studio with regards to teeth whitening treatment options which you can select from.

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