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Dental Crown Procedure: What To Expect When You’re Getting A Crown

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

Everyone loves having a perfect smile. The first thing that someone notices when meeting you or seeing your photo is your smile, and while Photoshop can be a big help in making your smile dazzle in pictures, unfortunately in real life there’s no filter you can use to fix a bad smile.

Having a bright and healthy smile promotes better dental hygiene and can even affect your self-esteem and how you hold yourself, and just like a good handshake, a dazzling smile can open many, many doors for you when it comes to business and interpersonal opportunities that may arise in your life.

However, we all understand that things happen. Sometimes you fall and chip a tooth, you might have made some hygiene mistakes growing up or perhaps you just genetically inherited a bad set of teeth that no matter what, you cannot stave off cavities and damage to the enamel and even stains around the tooth.

Veneers are there to help fix minor imperfections, but have little help when it comes to the bite and protection of the underside of the tooth, so if you have a chip, cavity, root canal, or any problem on the bottom of your tooth, you might find yourself out of luck.

Dental Crown Procedure And Benefits

…Or maybe not. Dental crowns are a type of thick porcelain veneer that is applied to the underside of the tooth after being fitted just like any other veneer. They are made specifically to help you have a painless and attractive bite no matter how many issues you have had in the past.

Dental crowns are meant to not only make your bite and smile more attractive, but they can be essential in protecting areas that are already sensitive and worn from cavities or root canals, making it easier for you to eat and live your life.

The procedure that most dentists take when placing a crown is usually done in two visits. The first visit starts with preparing and shaping the tooth to get it ready for the veneer. Then your dentist will take an impression that will be sent to a lab to use as a template to make your veneer, and then you will be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the next visit.

During the second visit, which happens around two weeks later after the crown is made, you will then have the crown cemented into place on your tooth. This usually only takes around twenty minutes, while the first visit might take upwards to an hour. After that the crown is in, and you will no longer have to worry about the dental issues the tooth was causing you before.

Get Your First Dental Crown Procedure from the Best Dentist in Austin!

Dental veneers and crowns can be very beneficial to many people, helping give you a brighter and healthier smile from just two simple visits. So make sure to call us today to schedule an appointment with our incredible dental staff who can help find the crown setting best for you.

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