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What to Look for in a Family Dentist

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Uncategorized | 26 comments

Are all dentists equal? The truth is this isn’t the case, and there are several reasons why. First, dentists vary in quality. But there’s more to it than that – different dentists offer different atmospheres, different staff with diverse specialties, take different insurance plans, and more. In a city as big as Austin, there are what seems like countless choices of family dentists, which means making the right decision is all the more important. Here are a few reasons why finding that perfect family dentist in Austin, TX is so important.

Your Austin Family Dentistry Practice Should Offer the Services You Need

Every family is different. Maybe you’re looking for services tailored to mostly teens and adults, or maybe you need a dentist equipped to guide you through a baby’s teething process. Every family dentistry is going to offer slightly different services, and it’s important to find one that provides the kinds of dental services you need (or many need in the future). A few important ones to consider include:


Children of all ages require slightly different dental care, and pediatric dentistry is a subspecialty requiring extra training for dentists and their staff. Make sure your family dentistry has this extra training if you’re looking for pediatric dental services.


Particularly for teens (but relevant for dental patients of all ages), orthodontic care can be a big part of adolescent dental care. Avoid needing to bounce back and forth between multiple providers by choosing a family dental practice that offers some orthodontic care and services.


Life doesn’t always go as planned! Finding a provider who offers emergency dental services will save you lots of stress in the event of emergencies like a knocked out, chipped, or broken tooth, or a sudden toothache after hours.


The best family dental practices take into account the needs of all family members, not just children. Consider finding a practice that offers services like cosmetic dentistry, dentures, implants, and other services tailored towards adults for a one-stop dental shop for the whole family.

Your Family Dentist Should Provide a Great Atmosphere

You’re sure to find plenty of dentists in Austin, TX that offer lots of great services, but what about the atmosphere? Researchers have found that dental atmosphere affects your experience at the dentist, and particularly those of children. Kids who dislike a dental atmosphere are more likely to be uncooperative, leading to poorer care and outcomes.

It’s important to keep all dental patients comfortable and happy in the dentist’s chair regardless of age to ensure the best experience. When you’re considering a family dental practice, specially-trained staff who are great with children and adults alike, and a warm, clean, professional environment.

Your Family Dentist Should Fit Your Budget

When you’re looking for that perfect dentist in Austin, TX for your family, consider how they accommodate the budgets of their patients. Do they take your insurance? While that’s an important question to ask, it’s not the only one pertaining to finances you should consider.

The very best family dental clinics understand that dental bills can arise unexpectedly, so many offer financing options and payment plans to help you and your family access the care you need when you need it. Even if you don’t need certain financial accommodations now, it’s always a good idea to explore every dental practice’s options for the future in the event that you ever need them.

Your Dentist Should Have Exceptional Training and Experience

You want the best dental care for your family, so you should seek out highly-trained and skilled individuals to provide that care. Seek out family dental practices that have providers with above-and-beyond training. Many practices have websites where you can read about both providers and staff so you can get to know a little bit about the individuals who will be providing your care. Experience matters, too, and well-established practices with years of experience and great community reviews are a good place to start narrowing down your search.

Your Family Dentist Should Be Convenient

In today’s on-the-go world, the word “convenient” can mean so many things. There’s convenience in terms of location, scheduling, after-hours access lines, and more. At South Austin Dental Studio, we are proud to offer extraordinary convenience to all our patients in as many ways as possible. A conveniently-located family dentistry in South Austin, we offer prompt scheduling through our friendly staff, emergency care, and services for family members of all ages. Come see why we’ve become a neighborhood favorite over the past 30 years, and discover dental care that’s perfect for the whole family.

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