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The Cost of Dental Implants

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

Cost of dental implants in South Austin is an issue that usually holds back patients from undergoing the procedure. Yet, worry about the possibly high cost of dental implants is based on sheer speculation, because of the complexities of the implant procedure itself, making patients think it must be very pricey.

As a dental patient, you have to understand that there are factual circumstances on which the cost of the procedure is based. The price of implants depends on several conditions, situations, and influences.


The cost of placement of dental implants greatly depends on the training and experience of the dental specialist who is to perform the procedure. So does the type or brand of the materials being used.

Geographical location is also another factor that affects the price of getting dental implants. To clear the air, the cost of dental implants means the fee inclusive of the surgical procedure, the implant crown, anesthesia, and the other components used during the actual placement, as well as the professional fees of the dental specialists performing the procedure.

The cost of the placement of one implant crown alone also depends on the personal, individual case. Should your case be that one that requires bone grafting, because of a significant degeneration of bones, an additional fee, on top of the cost of dental implant placement, will be incurred. Furthermore, bone grafting also delays the placement of implant crowns for a matter of several months, in order for the graft to grow strong strong enough for the implant screw that will hold the implant.


Dental insurance policies usually do not cover the cost of dental implant placement. The general reason for this is because this procedure are considered a cosmetic or restorative dental procedure than a medical procedure, making it more elective than necessary; although this may still depend on the insurance plan. Some policies may cover a percentage of the total cost of dental implants placement.


Discounted cost greatly varies from one dental office to another dental facility and the region where the office is located. With regard to the option of installment-based payments, you may have a conversation with your dentist and ask if he allows for it.

In whichever situation you may be, or whichever conditions your teeth may have, you have to make certain to ask all of the necessary questions before agreeing to go through the placement of implants.

Should there be something that is slightly unclear, do not hesitate to raise your query to your dentist. He is the first and best person to answer any of your needs for clarification with precision.

You need to guarantee that every aspect of your impending dental implant placement is ironed out – from the actual steps of placement, the tools to be used, the brand or type of implant crown, the anesthetic solutions, right down to the amount that you have to pay overall.

For a more accurate price quote, get in touch with Dr. Michael Rathmell, DDS of South Austin Dental Studio and his team, so that we can better respond to your queries. At South Austin Dental Studio, we offer an all-inclusive price with no surprises for you to worry about.

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