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The Variations of Dental Crowns Offered in South Austin

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Uncategorized | 94 comments

Although the use of crowns or caps is a widely popular cosmetic dental procedure, there is also the medical aspect and purposes involved.

Use of crowns is a very capable and reliable solution to extensive dental problems resulting from injuries, illnesses or even the natural wear and tear and corrosion of the teeth.

Dental crowns may serve to fill in spaces in the inner back of the gums due to a lost tooth, so is the case if this occurrence is on the front set of your teeth. Dental caps make for robust support to dental bridges as a substitute to a missing tooth. They are also employed as substantial protection over a tooth that has undergone a root canal procedure.

This is because a root canal-treated tooth becomes much more fragile than its natural, original state. An impact due to accident on a tooth may result in its breakage, if not complete loss.

Caps are capable then, of protecting what is remaining of the already damaged tooth from further dents. This then allows for the tooth to function as usual, and normal particularly for chewing, without your having to worry about your broken natural teeth getting worse. Dental crowns allow for a long term solution to these cases.

These dental caps are not only durable but are long-lasting restorative solutions to dental issues, major and minor alike. Aesthetics-wise and in most cases, they showcase a natural look and feel towearers that they are almost indistinguishable from their neighboring natural teeth.

The Types of Dental Caps Which You Can Choose From

The most commonly preferred variant, porcelain-based all ceramic dental crowns are used to complement the natural enamel color of the surrounding teeth, and thus they maintain the proportionate appearance of the set of teeth. Porcelain crowns are very resistant to wear and tear, and breakage.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are attached to a metal structure, to further the strength of the tooth. They are the better choice relatively to purely porcelain-made ones, if stronger restoration is preferred, because they serve as a snug seal which prevents any leakage,and diminishes the possibility of decay.

Gold alloy crowns are crafted with a mixture of gold, copper and other metals. They are highly malleable, and hence allows for easy achievement of accurate fitting to the tooth. All metal dental caps are very resistant to wear and tear, and neither do they cause any form of corrosion to the teeth which they are in contact with.

They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic in that they are very compatible with tissue makeup of the gums. Despite all these features and advantages to gold alloy caps, they are hardly a choice for many, because this type may be deemed not very pleasing. They are too obvious making them less appealing aesthetically.

Base metal alloy crowns consist of non-precious metals. They are also highly resistant to wearing away, and corrosion of the other natural teeth they make direct contact with, and are gentler to them too.


Take the time for a comprehensive and exhaustive conversation with your dentist, in order to discuss the choices you have when considering getting dental caps.

Your dentist should be very much capable of walking you through the pros and the cons of each, in the presented selection of crowns, and while especially considering your personal individual conditions.

Crowns should not only be about restoring a damaged tooth or enhancing your appearance. Your well-being should at all times come first, and you dentist knows that. As innocent and advantageous as they may seem, crowns bear with them risks and hazards too, say, if your gums have issues that may disqualify you from getting dental crowns.

Obtain as much information about dental caps from the best dentist in South Austin, at South Austin Dental Studio, in order to help you make your final decision. Our patients are most welcome to consult, ask questions and make clarifications about this dental treatment.

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